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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

OMG! Stacey Dash Slams Lady Gaga's Anti-Bullying Campaign, Says Transgender People Should Pee in Bushes, GAGAinSpace News.

This is Stacy Dash...who ever that is. I have no idea who she is or why here opinion is so important to Entertainment Tonight, but apparently she thinks Lady Gaga was pushed by Hollywood to do an anti bullying campaign. 

I say so what? Everyone has a reason for doing the things we do. Stacy Dash wants everyone to look at her and say, "hey, saw you last night on ET Stacy." Oh...that must feel really good to her. Anyways, everyone has a reason for doing things. President Obama wants to make America better, Trump wants to make his pockets richer, Lady Gaga wants to help some kids, and Stacy Dash wants to help herself. I get it and I'm sure you do too. SCW

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