Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lady Gaga Has Wardrobe Malfunction With Pizza In New York City, So Cool...I Mean...Wow! OMG News!

Lady Gaga had a major wardrobe malfunction earlier this week, flashing her bare bosom to photographers and fans alike, while exiting a New York City restaurant. E! News reports that the 29-year-old singer was exiting a pizza joint Tuesday evening when a wardrobe malfunction revealed her left breast.

Apparently, the Grammy winner decided to go braless, wearing an unbuttoned tan coat and denim short-shorts. Pictures of Gaga’s nip slip show her clutching a pizza box, with her left hand raised to cover her face while the left side of her coat was open. 

Earlier that evening, the singer was seen wearing the same outfit, although she still had a white lacy bra underneath the open coat. According to Us Weekly, Gaga performed at Radio City Music hall with her "Cheek to Cheek" partner Tony Bennett, before heading off to the SixtyFive bar to serenade fans in an intimate concert at the Rainbow Room. After the concert, the singer posed for photos with fans on the streets. Gaga also reportedly popped up through the car’s sunroof as it sped by.

The pizza-joint mishap was hardly the first time Gaga has exposed skin or worn an outrageous outfit. She’s been known to show off her body, or parts of it, in ensembles leaving very little to the imagination. The "Born This Way" singer even shared a workout photo in Instagram, where she’s lying on her back and wearing black high-waisted briefs, her gray shirt rolled up to reveal a toned tummy and a pink resistance band around legs, People reported.
Last week, Gaga showcased her curves in a "barely there" bikini while vacationing in the Bahamas. Both Gaga and Bennett are expected to hit the European leg of their tour beginning July 4, before returning to the U.S. for more shows.

Lady Gaga is one proud mama! Her dog Miss Asia Kinney lands first fashion campaign, Dog Gone News.

Date of photo: June 2015

News States:
Miss Asia Kinney  just nabbed her first major fashion campaign. Not bad for a model who stands under 2 feet and has a tail.  Oh wait, did we forget to mention Miss Asia is a dog? And not just any dog. Miss Asia’s mom is Lady Gaga.
ady Gaga’s French bulldog Miss Asia will be featured in Coach’s  “Coach Pups” campaign. She will be modeling a the Edie and Rucksack bags from the Fall 2015 collection. And she is doing it for more than mere dollars. Coach is making a donation to Chicago French Bulldog Rescue on behalf of Miss Asia. You have to remember where you came from, right?

Now Miss Asia already has quite the following, 122k Instagram followers and counting. And she has a little of experience in modeling her mama’s creations, so she isn’t a total amateur. You can catch her video debut for Coach  Is it wrong to be jealous of a dog? Probably, but we are. Sigh. It’s a dog's model’s life for Miss Asia. And she is not the only one.

Gay rights supporter Lady Gaga wears homemade rainbow T-shirt in NYC after marriage ruling, June 2015, Hollywood News.

Date of photos: June 2015
Location of photos: New York City, USA
News Source:

News States: 
She's a staunch supporter of gay rights so no wonder Lady Gaga had a huge smile on her face on Friday.

The pop hit maker was seen leaving her Central Park apartment in New York proudly wearing rainbow colours after the news that gay marriage has been legalized in all 50 US states.

The 29-year-old singer flashed the peace sign as she took her dog Asia for a walk in Manhattan.

Teaming the statement top with some ripped boyfriend jeans and chunky platform shoes, the singer looked overjoyed about the landmark ruling.

She covered her eyes in her quirky dark circle sunglasses and wore a little pink on her pout.

Gaga's customised top was a graphic print T-shirt with the word 'chaos' which she covered with vibrant sweeps of rainbow colours to represent the LGBT community.

The Just Dance hit maker showed off her handiwork in an Instagram photo where she could be seen daubing the white garment with paint as she danced.

couple of hours later, Gaga shared a cute snap of her embracing her hairdresser pal Frederic Aspiras before boarding a private jet.

She wrote alongside the twitpic: 'Popcorn for pride at work w/ @faspiras. He's so happy, and I'm so happy he's so happy. #lovewins'  

In other good news for Gaga, the superstar tweeted about her record with Tony Bennett: 'CHEEK TO CHEEK' is #1 on the WORLDWIDE iTunes album chart!  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Newest Lady Gaga Photo On Twitter, @LadyGaga Is Looking Really Hot! News.

Today on Twitter Lady Gaga posted a new photos and boy is she hot. She states in her tweet:
"Give your heart and soul to me, and life will always be La Vie Rose. Thank you MARNI for the beautiful dress."

Lady Gaga clutches holds teddy bear after trip to visit fiancé Taylor Kinney in Serbia, News.

Date of photo: June 2015
Location of photo: Serbia

She's wrapping up a romantic trip to visit her fiancé Taylor Kinney in Serbia, but that doesn't mean Lady Gaga is now without a travel companion.

The 29-year-old clutched a plush white teddy bear as she jetted out of the country's capital Belgrade on Sunday.
Gaga's doll appeared to be the same bear she carried at an event for Operation Smile earlier in March.

The bears are acquired after donating to the non-profit, which provides free surgical care to remove cleft lips and cleft palates for children in need across the globe.  

Gaga's companion was in her hand when she dodged out of a sleek grey car with the help of what appeared to be a bodyguard. 

The chart-topper wore a semi-sheer and low-cut black dress that showcased her athletic legs, while a pair of chic heels elongated her figure.  

Pinning half of her platinum blonde locks back, the pop star let the remainder fall freely while also sporting a pair of white-tint shades. 

Gaga has been seen the last few days catching up with her busy fiancé, who popped the question to her in February after nearly three years of dating.

The actor is currently filming The Forest opposite Natalie Dormer in Belgrade.   

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yes! Basketball Dream Hoops Now At Apple and Google App Stores.

Hey everyone. I've been messing around with trying to make a sports game. I really like basketball, although I'm a horrible player, so I decided to make a game of hoops. I call the game "Basketball Dream Hoops," and its out now at the Apple and Google app stores. Its would be really nice of you if you could purchase it. Its fun for all ages and the game play lasts for about 1-6 minutes depending on your skill level. Thanks, Scott Waring

Also I already made an update for this game, to add a few more things and fixes. It will be active at Apple on April 25th, but is active now on Google store. 

How to play: 

The basketball hoops will rotate around the white track, you must drop a ball or balls into the hoop to keep it on the track. If you miss even one hoop, it will vanish, leaving you one less hoop. There are eight hoops and each evenly spaced apart, so focus and just tap a finger on the screen to drop some balls into the basket. After you get your first 200 baskets, a hoop will change color. Any balls that fall into this hoop will also change to the color of that hoop. For instance the orange ball falls into the green hoop, thus, the ball changes color to green. Eventually all eight hoops will be different colors and changing the colors of the balls as well. Its a psychedelic basketball game.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lady Gaga Will Go Into Earths Orbit In 2015 On Virgin Galactic, Becoming 1st MTV Person To Sing In Space!

Lady Gaga is going into space to sing one of her songs! She will do it in 2015, but has already paid for the flight and has herself in reservation. Also she plans on taking take one body guard...just in case aliens happen to get out of control and try to abduct her....just kidding. When she is in space, she will experience weightlessness, but will she sing while floating about? I always knew this woman was outa this world baby! Only one thing she is missing on that baby, me! SCW

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lady Gaga Gypsy The AMPYA Moment with Lady Gaga, Fashion News.

A magnificent but simple tweet today sent me to this video of her singing like a lone bird in a tree. Ever so beautiful and elegant, yet feeling the masculine side of life at the same time. Below is her tweet. :P

Don't Hide That Beautiful Face Of Yours Lady Gaga! Fashion News.

The hot and sexy Gaga has done it again and when I say that I mean blown my mind. This is so out of the box thinking that is amazes one and all. It is a shame however to hide that beautiful face of hers. However in the video below TMZ being the flakes they always are, think its fun to be rude and crude. So take the video with a grain of salt and just understand that not everyone loves Lady Gaga, but instead are green with envy of her and her styles. TMZ shows us how jealous of all the attention Gaga gets by their Joe Dirt comments. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Send A Message Into Space To Aliens Using The Jamesburg Earth Station Radio Telescope!

Have you ever wanted to send a message in a bottle like you've read in books and seen in movies? Well now is your big chance. The Jamesburg earth station has been converted to send messages into deep space. These messages will travel at the speed of light across the universe virtually forever. SETI Listens for life across the universe every day for many decades, but now with this station they are sending messages out rather than searching and listening for messages. This is a giant leap forward in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

They call themselves Lone Signal and they give you the opportunity to send your message to the closest target that they believe intelligence life could exist. Right now current location the messages are sent to is Gliese 526 which is 17.6 light years from Earth. The target will change every once in a while to increase chances of your message reaching aliens.

Your first message you're allowed to send is free. After that you could buy different packages to send more messages by buying 4, 40, 400 and 4000 credits. To send a photo will always cost you three credits. To send a tweet like message is one credit, but longer messages will cost a few more credits. 
So far I (Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily) have used 148 credits to send photos of my family, Yoda, Cars and my dog wearing 3D glasses. I also send a lot of tweet-like messages about UFO sightings, questions I have, or even light hearted jokes. It's just like Facebook or Twitter messages, except these will last millions of years and one day be read by intelligent life forms, no pun intended.
Even Hollywood celebrity Dan Aykroyd came and sent a long message into space using Lone Signal. This is the exact same station that received the first signals when men first walked on the moon back in 1969, then it transmitted the video to the rest of the world...all because of the Jamesburg Earth Station.

So what are you waiting for? Go and send your free message into deep space which will travel in for millions of years at the speed of light. Paper may fade and crumble, CD and DVDs will crack and break, but in the vacuum of space...your message will travel...forever across the universe. Scott C. Waring