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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lady Gaga Says She's Not In The Biopic, But Dionne Warwick Says Otherwise, Gaga In Space News.

Apparently, Dionne Warwick announced Lady Gaga will star in her biopic movie, but Gaga's people didn't tell her about it yet. I can see Gaga doing this thing, but the problem is, will it offend African Americans that such an important part is being done by a white woman? Sure make up can make her look black, but will it be considered blackface makeup, which many consider offensive? I sure hope not. Gaga loves everyone and doesn't have those kind of feelings. She's an artist...and they just go with their heart. 
Scott C. Waring

According to a source, Lady Gaga had never even heard of the movie. Gaga’s supposed casting made international headlines, after Warwick held a press conference in Cannes on Friday afternoon and told reporters that the “Born This Way” singer had committed to the film. Journalists were even shown a promotional poster with Gaga’s name on it.

Was Warwick simply attempting to talk this into presence? The notable artist further depicted Black's part as the biopic's "lowlife," taking note of it's "since she stole my music!" Mario Van Peebles could conceivably be coordinating.

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