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Thursday, September 1, 2011

JO CALDERONE as Lady Gaga groped JERSEY SHORE Deena Nicole Cortese's Breast! YES!!!

JO CALDERONE groped JERSEY SHORE Deena, and I might add, its about time somebody did. 

"It was the best night of my life!" States Jersey Shore Deena Nicole Cortese, a late comer (24) in the TV interview with Good Day LA. 

Deena said on Twitter that she had a very special encounter with a pretty rowdy contemporary. No less than Lady GaGa (25), dressed up as her alter ego Jo Calderone came to the awards ceremony. Deena Nicole allegedly attacked Mr. Calderone courageously with her bosom. On Twitter a fan wrote: "Deena saw you yesterday evening, Lady GaGa has even taken her to the bosom!  You are a Party Girl!" on the subsequent question of how it felt after she was groped by Jo" Deena tweeted: "I will never wash my chest again!"
His (Joe) family came from Sicily - - A true Italian American, according to Jo Calderone huffingtonpost.com not be described as a typical Jersey Shore Guido: "I'm not a damn Guido! What is wrong with you!"

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