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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lady Gaga Drops Desert Rager Music Video For "Perfect Illusion" GagaINspace News And Gossip.

Lady Gaga dropped her “Perfect Illusion” music video and it’s giving us perfect WHIPLASH. Mother Monster’s PERFECT comeback video is here- this is NOT an illusion Last night during the Scream Queens season 2 premiere Lady Gaga unveiled her “Perfect Illusion” video, the first single off her 5th album titled Joanne. The video sees Gaga driving through the desert in a Jeep, on her way to a perfect desert rager. Along the way Gaga lets loose dancing, kicking up dirt, and swinging her microphone over her head. Is it just us, or have daisy dukes, a braless black tee, and a ponytail, NEVER looked better? I don’t know about you guys but all that head banging is giving us serious whiplash! We can only assume the jerky camera movements and fast cuts are made to look like a PERFECT ILLUSION. And we gotta mention song’s co-writer Mark Ronson makes a cameo in the clip rocking out on the guitar. The video ends with Gaga alone in the desert, where the whole epic party was just an illusion. It’s your turn Little Monsters! Tell us below what you think of Gaga’s new raw music video? And is it giving anyone else festival envy? Coachella can’t come soon enough. Don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver for more videos just like this everyday! Then be sure to check out Adele bringing a 4-year-old on stage at her concert in that video right there. I’m your host Meg Lamontagne I’ll see you soon right back here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Guy Gets Junk Bumped By Lady Gaga Is In Right Place At Right Time, GagaINspace News And Gossip.

This lucky guy was waiting for Lady Gaga to come out and was fortunate enough to have her back up into his junk and rub her bum against him. Its no wonder the guy in the Harvard T-shirt is smiling.    Perhaps he is a time traveler and deliberately chose this place to stand, well knowing what Lady Gaga had in store for him. 

Lady Gaga then jumped into a black Ford Mustang which was a 1964 and 1/2...a very rare breed of muscle car. I use to own one, but had to sell it to stay in university. It is the one car in the world I have a weakness for...but I would trade it in a heart beat if I could be that guy in the Harvard T-shirt for those 5 seconds. SCW