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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lady Gaga Autographed Urinal For Sale For Only $460,000 Wow! June 2016, GagaINspace News.

Hey little monsters, I'm Bridget Daly for CLevverMusic. Think you're the biggest Gaga fan out there? Well are you so dedicated that you'd throw down hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a urinal signed by Mother Monster? Website SHOWstudio.com has a urinal signed by Lady Gaga that's going for a whopping $460,000. The description reads: , "Laying on its side and rendered impotent, this twenty-first century ready-made -- appropriately titled Armitage Shanks -- shows all the imaginable traces of her physical presence." The porcelain piece itself reads: "I'm not fucking Duchamp but I love pissing with you." Ah, so eloquent. So guys, who's gonna pony up the cash for this work of....art?? Let us know what you think of this in the comments section! ClevverMusic has lots more Gaga news to come so make sure to subscribe to our channel. See ya next time.

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  1. the writing will eventually come off cos of all the pee so after about 6 months it writing isnt even gonna be there and that person would have just wasted their money


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