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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Born This Way - Lady Gaga (Cover) by Amber Jazz, Totally Owns It! Video, June 2016, GagaINspace gossip and news.

There is nothing we like more here at GagaINspace than hearing a fan sing one of Lady Gagas songs. Here, Amber owns it and take it to new levels with no sound effects or vocal changes at all. Its all her baby! Way to sing Amber! SCW

Amber Jazz state: 
Decided to post a raw piano cover of "Born This Way" by the very unique and beautifully talented 'Lady Gaga'. This is my tribute to the loss of one of our own 'Christina Grimmie', as well as the orlando shooting that occurred shortly after. This isn't my best cover but I tried to connect it emotionally to the situation. Make love not war. Let me know what you want to see next. Please comment, like, and subscribe. I'll see you next Thursday :) Amber Jazz

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