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Friday, April 6, 2012

Lady Gaga Fans In Taiwan Can't Afford Attending Taipei Concert, April 17, 2012.

Here in Taiwan ticket sales of Lady Gaga's April 17, 2012 concert is causing an uproar with her fans for several reasons. First off, you have to buy the tickets in person. On-line purchasing is not allowed making it hard for fans that live in other cities in Taiwan or even out of country to get tickets.

Secondly, local media reports that the prices of tickets in Taiwan is double the concert price they have in Hong Kong, China (Taiwan TV News Source). This is not Lady Gaga's fault but rather the Taiwanese concert promoters fault for taking advantage of Lady Gaga and her fans for profit. Local media also states that the cost of Taiwan's Monster Ball tickets will be the highest priced in the world for this tour.

These two reason are causing a lot of fans, especially the young ones to cringe at the thought of paying $1,800 ($60) 200+ meters away, where looking at Gaga on stage is like looking up at the stars in the sky, they look so small you are not sure you are looking at the right one. $2800 NT ($93 US) for seats that are about 4-5 floors up and almost 150-180 meters away. With seats like that you actually need a telescope to see Gaga's beautiful face. Sure that ticket is cheap, but those will sell out the fastest because the next cheapest tickets shoot up to $4800 NT ($160 US), $5800 NT ($193 US), $6800 NT ($226 US), $8800 NT ($293 US), $12,800 NT ($426 US).

Sadly, I am just an English teacher who cannot afford to go to the concert. It also hurts me as a teacher when my students tell me they cannot go because of the cost.  All the $1800NT & $2800 tickets have sold out leaving me and my students unable to afford to see her, but we stand with hundreds of thousands of other Lady Gaga fans in Taiwan that will miss the concert because of the price. Sometimes being a fan is tough, it hurts, but we love her now and forever. Scott C. Waring

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