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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lady Gaga invited to perform in Niue for the whole nation!

A Pacific Island nation boasting a population of 1600 has invited Lady Gaga to perform at the local rugby club. And if the Born this Way superstar takes up the request by the people of Niue, she'll be able to say she performed for an entire nation. "It'll probably be the smallest concert she's ever performed at but she'll never ever get to say she performed to a whole country," tourism spokesman Hayden Porter told NZ Newswire. The suggestion is that Lady Gaga would fly the three-hour journey to Niue, about 2400km northeast of New Zealand, from New Zealand while she is here putting on three concerts in June. Niue, which is 260 sq km, is ranked the world's third least populated country. Porter says several letters have been sent to Lady Gaga's representatives requesting she put on a concert on the island. They are yet to get a response but are still hopeful, Porter says. "We're not holding our breath but we'll throw it out there, and you just never know your luck," he said. "She may have already written back to us but the mail only arrives once a week on the weekly flight so we don't know yet." Niue doesn't have the huge capacity stadiums Lady Gaga is used to performing at but Niue does have a suitable rugby club, Porter says. "It certainly wouldn't be the scale of Vectar Arena (Auckland) but it would be sufficient to put on a good show." Porter says in the letters to Lady Gaga it is promised that two strong Pacific Island men will carry her from the airport to her resort - the only one on the island. She would also be invited to hang out with the locals, go diving and whale watching.Lady Gaga, who has 21 million followers on social networking website Twitter, was last year rated by Forbes magazine as the most influential person in the world.

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