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Friday, September 23, 2011

Lady Gaga Admits To Missing The Normal Life.

U.S. singer Lady Gaga (25) is without a doubt a superstar. On stage and in public appearances she is exotic and will accept a little embarrassment. Almost everywhere she draws attention to herself and provokes at every opportunity.

Lady Gaga | Photo: Universal Music / Nick Knight:
Well surprise, the musician ("Born This Way ') as saying that they miss the normal life

Nick Knight has betrayed Gaga in an interview with the "Bild"-Zeitung. It's a shame that she could not drive anymore with the subway. The statement was based on the childhood memories of the pop diva, who grew up in New York. There, she was very happy to have been working with the underground road.

Luxury must, according to a multiple "Grammy Awards" winner, not be unconditional. Lady Gaga in an interview mentioned that she sometimes visits her parents. Then she slept on an air mattress. Even the insiders are popular in clubs that are not their favorites. Lady Gaga prefers the rather small pubs, which are already old and scruffy. Pubs where there is also beer and whiskey. Also, a jukebox and a slight smell of urine must be present in such a locality. Then she feels comfortable.

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