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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dave Grohl stood in front of Lady Gaga at the VMA's because he had not recognized her.

Dave Grohl stood in front of Lady Gaga at the VMA's because he had not recognized her.

The singer appeared at the ceremony on Sunday 28 August, as her male, chain-smoking, floppy haired alter ego Jo Calderone. She was so convincing with her role that the front man of the Foo Fighters did not recognize her when he wanted to greet the Queen guitarist Brian May.

On MTV he said: "I've met tonight for the first time Jo Calderone. I went over and said, 'Brian May, what's up?' and she was standing right beside him. I said, 'Hi, I'm Dave.' And she said: 'I know who you're fucking are.' "It was blatant."

May had previously performed with Gaga and had opened the festivities with her song 'You and I'. Later she appeared in "Born This Way" awarded in the category 'Best video with a message 'and' Best Female Video '. The Foo Fighters were also pleased with an award, they were honored for 'Walk' in the category "Best Rock Video'.

In his acceptance speech, Grohl said: "I just want to say: 'Never lose faith in truerock and roll music. Never lose faith in it. You will need a bit more preciselylooking for it, but it's always there. "

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