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Friday, August 12, 2011

LARA STONE Says Lady Gaga Is Not Sexy. Are You #@$@ing Kidding Me?

Lady Gaga is sexy to the tenth power! WTF was Lara Stone Thinking?
The Dutch super model Lara Stone has commented in an interview about what and whom she finds sexy.

That the 26-year-old has enough sex appeal, is really no questionDnews.de has reported, was not published until recently her campaign for Calvin Klein. Here the model could be admired only in underwearShortly before she was naked to see in the fashion magazine Visionaire.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph for Stone's sex appeal, but something that comes from inside: "Not everyone can be sexyI do not think I have a lot of sex appeal. It depends very much together with self-confidence. "

"Lady Gaga wants to be sexy, for example, with her daring outfits. It is only my opinion, but just not sexy," says the model.
 Quite different, however, the Stone rated TV chef Nigella Lawson: "For me Gaga is the most beautiful woman in the worldI envy her with her perfect skinI would like to be like her. "

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