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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lady Gaga: 'Hillary Clinton Has More Important Things To Worry About Than Her Hemline' (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga surprised us today as an interesting, cogent commenter on all things pop culture as a guest on "The View."

Ferragamo-clad Gaga swiftly defends Hillary Clinton's clothing choices, calling Gunn a "bully" for his comment about the Secretary of State's "gender confusion." When Whoopi brings up the issue and the ladies start to get all revved up, Gaga dismisses their chatter: "You know, I think Hillary Clinton has more important things to worry about than her hemline."
Check that out in the first clip below.
Whoopi also makes mention of the Walmart bikini incident with a laugh, perhaps ready to take a shot at McMillin for her style sense (at 4:42 in the second video).
But as someone with her own highly unconventional fashion choices, Gaga defended the "fabulous" McMillin's choice to wear a string bikini while shopping in an Oregon Walmart, saying, "I would go to the store like that. I want her phone number."
Now that would be an interesting pair.

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