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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga The Same Person With Two Careers?

I read somewhere that Amy Winehouse was lady gaga with some makeup and a wig. I looked at pictures on google and its true that their faces are similar, but are they really the same person?

Wow, two people, making two different kinds of music, together would make mountains of money!

Back in 2009, Huffingtonpost.com did an article asking "Is Lady Gaga Turning Into Amy Winehouse?" They stated: The makeup-spackled eyes, big ratty hair, tattooed arms, ugly scowl...Lady Gaga looked like she was channeling Amy Winehouse on German television Saturday. Gaga has said that she dyes her hair blonde to avoid being confused with here raven-beehived counterpart.


  1. yeah and she has also played jean benet ramsey in the fake murder thing. Her grandfather Adolf Eichmann super NAZI, morice strong or whatever. LADY GAGA is Amy Winehouse who played jean benet ramsey and several characters in OCCUPY WALL STREET too. NAZIS LADY GAGA IS A NAZI !!

  2. most likely they share the same matrix pod. two different personas being simulated for the same body outside of the matrix.


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