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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Five Lessons From Lady Gaga On How To Market and Build A Brand Name.

Take notes from music mogul on marketing and building a brand community

Lady Gaga has taken the music and social media industries by storm. She has more than 35 million Facebook friends, 10 million Twitter followers and her most recent album release crashed Amazon's servers.

Louis Marino, a blogger at Fast Company, cleverly outlined five lessons that we can all learn from Lady Gaga and her ability to build a community-centered, successful and most importantly, authentic brand. We have summarized five of these as follows:

• Target like-minded individuals and engage consumer groups with common interests.
• Be honest about who you really are to attract strong devotees.
• Treat the consumer like your boss. Put the consumer first, make their dreams your mission, and they will rally around you.
• Create a collective experience. Allow consumers to feel like they are part of a larger group dynamic with brands.
• Become a better company through community. That should be every company's mission -- to be better companies because of their consumers.
We pass this information as it supports our fundamental thinking in the area of strategic marketing.

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