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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Teacher and Students Inspired By Lady Gaga's Song, Just Dance, Rock With It!



Big ups to the teacher. Passion and talent is what makes things like this happen. Millions of views and changed many of the kids lives for the better. WE NEED MORE GREAT TEACHERS LIKE THIS!!

The teacher states:

"A farewell request from Perez and a farewell thanks from the fifth grade PS22 Chorus of 2009 to the man who was the driving force behind putting the kids on the map. After posting 5 of their videos this school year alone, Perez Hilton has brought millions of viewers, both directly and indirectly, into the world of the PS22 Chorus. Big thanks for believing in these kids, and for raising awareness to the importance of music and the arts in education. Indebted."

"So when I found out he wanted a Lady Gaga song, I was a little petrified! I honestly didn't know if we could pull something like that off. But the kids were asking for Lady Gaga themselves, so I put it on them to rewrite some of the lyrics to "Just Dance" to make it something that would be okay for school. And with just a little lyrical tweaking on their part, they totally recreated this song. I dare say ithey completely ROCK IT!!! Along with the two Tori Amos (Flavor and Gold Dust) and Bjork (One Day, Joga) songs we did this year, this might be my favorite cover out of this year's group. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And as you see the kids do too!"

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